Marc Kresin

Testimonial – Matz Mattern

Testimonial – Matz Mattern

T-Systems Project Manager CRM Telekom

Marc Kresin, with his technological expertise and experience with business processes, is able to find creative and effective solutions

Marc and I have known each other since 2001. We met during a CRM project for Deutsche Telekom. I was one of the project managers for T-Systems. At that time, Marc was employed as a consultant at Siebel Systems, which got acquired later by Oracle. We requested to have Marc help us with a few technical problems we were having and needed direct technical support from the software manufacturer. With Marc’s quick ability to grasp the problem and technical expertise, he was a great help in finding a solution to the challenges we were facing at that time. Throughout the years, we have worked together time and time again on a number of different projects. Years later, primarily because of his help, legodo’s software (ec4u) has been successfully implemented at Deutsche Telekom.

More than anything, however, I have always appreciated Marc’s optimistic, dynamic and friendly way of dealing with problems and how he draws in all of the colleagues around him.