Marc Kresin

Testimonial – Jochen Razum

Jochen Razum

Chief Sales Officer legodo AG

Marc and I used to work together as mangers for the company legodo corporation. During that time, we reshaped the point of sales (POS) transactions for a leading telecommunications company. To do this, we first identified the following three target groups: „Digital Citizens“, „Mainstream“ and „Conversatives“

For each target group we then designed a new, individual customer experience. With this new experience, consultation and the act of signing a contract could be done on iPads and desktop computers. This process was able to be successfully digitalized without any media discontinuities. As a result, this helped clients save a great deal of time and cut back on their costs. However, even though this new developed software has standardized the way in which the point of sale is carried out, transactions, depending on the customer’s request, can still be completed by e-mail, fax or by using a local printout.

All in all, this was truly an innovative solution. Its success was driven by the combination of two things: the conventional project management methods used for the solution’s concept and design; and the agile methods used for the solution’s development. It only took 6 weeks for the first functional prototypes to start being used and presented to store employees. The feedback we received from the users helped us to optimise the solution. In the end, Marc and his team were successful in taking innovational ideas and making solutions out of them which saved time, improved the budget and increased quality.